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Located in Tampa, FL

Commercial Builder

Already renowned for our ability to design and build stunning residential properties in the Tampa area, Waterford Designs Inc. also specializes in commercial properties, custom designed and constructed to fit your business’s needs.

As your business’s building is likely to be the first impression that customers and employees have of your company, entrusting it to Waterford Designs Inc. ensures a quality of design and construction unrivalled by other builders.

Comprehensive Commercial Building, Design & Construction Services

Waterford Designs Inc. creates commercial buildings that incorporate both functionality and beautiful design. Our award-winning designer-contractor owner, Toliver Payne, is well known for building landmark commercial buildings around Tampa and is an expert at incorporating our clients’ vision with the latest engineering practices.

Our commercial building services include:

  • Architectural and design services
  • New construction of commercial buildings, including office buildings, restaurants, retail spaces, strip malls, and medical buildings
  • Lease build outs to customize an office, retail or medical space to suit your business’s needs
  • Construction of commercial buildings designed by others

Commercial Building On Budget & On Time

As a small, local business ourselves, we understand that staying on time and budget is key to any commercial client – when it comes to running your business, time is money. Choosing Waterford Designs Inc. to build and develop for your commercial property needs can minimize downtime and get your doors open to customers more quickly.

Best of all, our unique company dynamic means you will have a single point of contact throughout your entire project. Because we are both the designer and the contractor, there is virtually no chance for miscommunication. Excepting any last minute changes or upgrades, we are committed to sticking to the budget and schedule that we provide to you at the start of your project.

To learn more about our commercial building services, please visit our website, or fill out our online form. You can also call us at (813) 948-4160 with any questions you have about commercial building with Waterford Designs Inc.