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Design Process

When you’re building a new home, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with all of the different avenues you could go down in terms of design. When you work with Waterford Designs Inc., you have access to the extensive experience that designer-contractor owner, Toliver Payne, has in building more than 200 homes in the Tampa area. Mr. Payne will carefully listen to what you want in order to understand your vision, then make design recommendations guided by his expertise as both an designer and contractor.

Why Our Home Design Process Is Unique

All too often, a designer can get caught up in ideas, rather than the realities of construction, and how much everything can cost. That is never the case with Waterford Designs Inc., since we offer a single point of contact and handle all aspects of both design and construction. This means the only relationship that exists is between us and you, and we strive to maintain an excellent relationship with you by adhering to the budget we give you during the design process.

The Home Design Process

To ensure a smooth build, it is important that both the designer and client are on the same page and are able to fully appreciate the scope of the other’s input. To help facilitate communication and accurately set expectations, we have outlined a step-by-step design process. The process follows a similar path each time, though not all steps are necessary for each build so Mr. Payne will walk you through the process for your specific project.

The Program Phase:

  • Site evaluation
  • Preliminary budget talks
  • Finding utility locations
  • Viewing the orientation
  • Checking the permitting requirements
  • General specifications
  • Room relationships

The Schematic Design Phase:

  • The site plan
  • The floor plan
  • Elevation alternatives
  • A probable cost statement

The Design Development Phase:

  • Structural, electrical and mechanical design
  • First draft permit drawing

The Construction Documents Phase:

  • The subcontractors doing a scope of service
  • The cabinets and interior doors
  • Sections
  • Final permit drawings

The Bidding Phase:

  • The final budget

If you have questions about our design process, or wish to talk with us about an upcoming project, please give us a call at (813) 948-4160. You can also learn more about our custom homebuilding or commercial building services by browsing our website or filling out our online contact form.